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Afsana Press Subscription

Like many other small presses in the UK, our sole resources for bringing more books into the literary world come from our personal investment and the revenues we regain from selling our books. If you appreciate our work and the work of our writers, and you have enjoyed our books, you can show your support for Afsana Press by subscribing to our annual package. This includes three upcoming books for just £45 a year in the UK (£62 in Europe / £72 in the rest of the world). You will also pay only one time additional shipping cost, based on your region.

When subscribed, you will receive a gift of your choice between an Afsana Mug (worth £10), an Afsana Tote Bag (worth £12) or a book (which is for the subscription of 2024, Miki Lentin’s Inner Core) to be shipped to you with the first book. You will receive each book days before the book is released.


This offer covers upcoming releases starting from March 2024, including:

1-Winter Sun, a novel by Miki Lentin (to be published on 13 March 2024.)

2-The paperback version of The Glass Wall, a novel by Goran Baba Ali (to be published on 10 April 2024.)

3-A novel by Jeremy Kuper (to be announced soon and published in October 2024.)


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If you haven’t read yet any of our current books, you can order a book box of  three of our books and receive Inner Core by Miki Lentin as a gift from us. This is another amazing way to support us.

These include:

-Whispering Walls, a novel by Choman Hardi (published on 20 September 2023).

-Past Participle, a novel by Jane Labous (published on 20 September 2023).

-The Glass Wall, a novel by Goran Baba Ali (published on 16 November 2021).


Thank you for all your support!


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