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Exiled Ink Magazine

Issue 6

This exciting issue not only draws attention to the hidden conflicts of Democratic Republic of Congo and of Yemen through the voices of exiled writers but also focuses on poetry of protest, memory held by lands, Antakya, oppressed writers, the narrative of exile in Britain and reviews of events and books.

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-Poetry of Protest: The Land
-Exiled Writers and Forgotten Conflicts
-Poetry of Protest: Iran

-Exiled In Britain
-Oppressed Writers
-Letters from and Imprisoned Turkish Writer and Kurdish Poet
-Book Reviews
-Events and activities

Exiled Ink is a magazine by Exiled Writers Ink, designed and published by Afsana Press.

An innovative magazine reflecting exciting, different voices in a new cultural environment. Literature, discussion, commentary. The magazine is unique in providing an insight into dislocation and cultures of exile, both through the voices of exiled writers and through their literary work.

Exiled Writers Ink, founded in 2000, brings together established and developing writers from repressive regimes and war-torn situations and it equally embraces migrants and
exiles. Providing a safe, welcoming space for writers to be heard, Exiled Writers Ink develops and promotes the creative literary expression of refugees, migrants and exiles, increases their representation in the mainstream literary world, develops cross cultural dialogue and advocates human rights and social justice through literature and literary activism.

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