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Red cover without images. Title is written in large and repeated underneath as if a reflection in water.

Inner Core

By Miki Lentin

Release date: April 2022

Binding           Paperback

Format            198 x 129 mm

Pages              168

Price                £ 8.99

ISBN                9781739982447

BIC 2.0             Modern & Contemporary

                          Fiction (FA)


Format         e-Book

Extent          168 pages

Price             £6.99

ISBN             9781739982430

Release: April 2022

Death, anxiety, masculinity, family and children, social good - and rocks. All things that touch the life of a middle-aged man. 


In these stories, written over the past two years, author Miki Lentin goes in search of a rock with his child in Ireland, travels to Istanbul with his wife while sleep-deprived, recounts memories of working and growing up in Dublin, and explores what it means to do good in society today. 


All told with Lentin’s minimalist tone, Inner Core portrays his life on the edge. 


"Miki Lentin’s short stories are always consistently enthralling… They are funny, moving and disturbing in equal measure. They slice through contemporary life and expose the underbelly of what is really going on unconsciously, but are always framed by enlivening action and drama. Very highly recommended!"
- Francis Gilbert, Head of Creative Writing & Education at Goldsmiths University,

"Miki Lentin takes linear time and smashes it to pieces, reassembling the shards as narrative mosaics. There is beauty, sadness, love, loss in the fragments but you need to stand back and take it all in to appreciate the bigger picture."
- Lynda Clark, Author 

"With delicacy, Lentin lets the most ordinary items and details – a rock, clothes that smell of bread, meringues, a café mess, a butter dish – to suggest larger, more nuanced and complex feelings and perceptions. There is an admirable urgency, authenticity and grim humour throughout these stories."
- Gerry Stembridge, Author 

"Miki’s stories about working with refugees are sensitively observed and moving – and they will enrich your understanding of an ethically complex subject."
- Daniel Trilling, Journalist & Author 

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