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Submitting your work to us

Afsana Press is a small, independent press, aiming to publish a selective number of fictional works every year. 


Though we will consider fiction of any genre, our preference inclines towards the literary. Our stories have a direct relation to social, political or cultural issues in countries and communities around the world, often exploring issues relating to migration and refugees, climate change, gender and social justice. 


Thus, we are looking for stories that reflect on those matters, even if they are set in the past or deal with historical events.

Submission criteria:

Please send your submission to <> and include the first three chapters of you book (or around 15,000 words); a synopsis; a short blurb about the subject of the book, and tell us about yourself.

Please submit your material in word documents, using a common font, formatted nicely in paragraphs without double spaces between the paragraphs, but with indentation of the first line of each paragraph. A double space can only be used between paragraphs when it has a purpose (e.g. to show time passing; change of scene, change of point of view or subject etc.) Please don't indent the first line of a first paragraph at the start of a chapter or after a double space.


After we have accepted the publication of a book, we expect a well-edited manuscript from the author. Because of our limited resources, unfortunately, Afsana Press cannot pay for the development of the manuscript or for copy-editing. We expect the author submit their work to a professional editor before submitting the full manuscript to us. However, from that point on, Afsana Press will be responsible for all the design work, proofreading and the production of the book.

Also, unfortunately, Afsana Press cannot pay advances to the author. We have a fair royalty share for the author from the sales of their book, to be agreed on and set in a contract.

Writers' Collective

Maybe you would like to become member of our writers' collective to have the benefits of peer review and the support of Afsana Press in your writing endeavour. Click here to read more...

Send us your work:

Please fill in the form below to submit your work.

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Thanks for submitting!

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