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Afsana Press to launch Whispering Walls by Choman Hardi in April 2022

Updated: Mar 8

Independent publisher, Afsana Press, will launch Choman Hardi's new novel, Whispering Walls, on 19th April 2022 in paperback.

Set during the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Whispering Walls tells the story of three siblings – two in London, one in Slemany – who recall their troubled pasts. The book combines multiple stories of war, displacement, and coming to terms with the tragedies of a Kurdish family, all told from their different perspectives.

Torn between two countries and various life stories, the siblings find themselves dealing with complex life choices, and the mystery of their sister’s suicide 22 years ago.

Whispering Walls is also a story of love, relationships, affection, and hope, with a cautious view of the future.

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